Information About
Caritas House Assisted Living Services

Caritas House Assisted Living provides care and assistance to seniors 62 and older who require help in performing daily activities and can no longer live independently. The monthly fee is $4,450, which equates to $148 per day for 24-hour care. Caritas House currently has several openings.


Residents of Caritas House enjoy a warm, caring, comfortable home environment in which they feel respected and valued. They enjoy two fireplaces, an enclosed garden and a community dining room. The social, mental, physical and spiritual well being of our residents is at the core of our mission. Caritas House offers a nurturing pastoral care program. This program can assist residents and their families through the transition to a new home and with any of their spiritual needs. We also offer daily Mass, weekly Ecumenical services and pastoral care visits.

Caritas House is a non-smoking facility. Residents are not allowed to smoke in the building or on the grounds. Residents may not have smoking material or matches in their rooms.

On the Jenkins Senior Living Campus

Caritas House Assisted Living is part of the Jenkins Senior Living Community, a long-standing senior community set on a scenic hill overlooking Baltimore. It is a 60-unit studio apartment community located off Interstate-95, next to St. Agnes Hospital.

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Services available at Caritas House are:
• Three nutritious meals served daily
• Medication administration by Certified Medication Technicians.
• Assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming and other daily activities as needed
• Weekly laundry, linen and housekeeping services
• Daily trash removal
• Access to a full range of healthcare services, including an on-site geriatrician
• 24-hour access to nursing staff via a pendant call system
• Full-time nursing staff available on-site
• 24-hour security and emergency call system
• Social and recreational activities
• Pastoral Care at Caritas House
• Individual Resident Service Plans
• Resident Council meetings

In addition to the 60 resident rooms (each with private bath), Caritas House Assisted Living offers:

  • A large, sunny dining room in which residents eat their meals and can invite guests to join them
  • Five living rooms (two with gas fireplaces) on three floors
  • A library
  • A private dining room for gatherings or parties
  • An activities/multipurpose room
  • Laundry Services
  • A beauty shop
  • An enclosed patio
  • A resident-run gift shop
  • An emergency response system
  • A keypad accessible building
  • A twenty-five acre campus set on a scenic hill overlooking Baltimore
  • Pastoral care services

List of Pastoral Care activities:
• Mass is celebrated daily at St. Elizabeth’s Chapel and weekly at Caritas House.
• Protestant Services are held on Wednesdays in the Chapel.
• The Rosary is said in the Chapel each Wednesday.
• Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is held each first Friday of the month.
• Ecumenical services are held in the Chapel during Advent and Lent.
• The Stations of the Cross are held in the Chapel each Friday in Lent.
• Reminisce, Reflect, and Pray is held weekly.
• “Hour of Faith” is a weekly discussion of scriptural and spiritual topics of interest to elders.
• Spiritual support and guidance are available for elders, their families and staff.
• Reconciliation Services are held in the Chapel during Advent and Lent.
• The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available on request.
• Mass of Anointing of the Sick is held each month.
• Anointing of the Sick is also provided for those who cannot attend the chapel service.
• Memorial Services are held three times during the year for elders who have passed.
• Advent, Christmas, Lenten, and Easter celebrations are held in the Chapel.

Q: Do you have to be Catholic to be a resident of Caritas House?
A: No. Caritas House proudly welcomes and serves people of all faiths and races.

Q: How can we pay for the monthly cost of care?
A: Residents pay the flat monthly rate with their personal resources. For those who qualify, a subsidy from the Medicaid Waiver is available. Veterans Benefits are accepted.

Q: What are the visiting hours?
A: Since this is the resident’s home, visiting times are flexible. We ask that you keep in mind the resident’s schedule and plan your visits accordingly. Most visits occur between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Q: Can I take my parent away from the community?
A: Of course. You are more than welcome to take your loved one out of the building. We ask that you let us know when you are leaving and when you expect to return so that we may properly plan for the resident’s medications.

Q: What is the best way to introduce my loved one to the idea of assisted living?
A: The idea of moving to an assisted living facility can be uncomfortable for the family and the potential resident. A visit to Caritas House, to see what we have to offer, can often be a great help in the decision-making process. Please contact Marsha Hagan at 410-646-6570 or mhagan@cc-md.orgto arrange your tour.

Q: How long does it take from application to admission?
A: The time required varies greatly. Some potential residents need months to prepare for the move. Others need to move in fairly quickly. Depending on room availability, it is possible to move in within two weeks of completing the three-part application. Click here to view the process below. (Link to section below)

Choosing the best assisted living facility for your loved one is an individual decision to be made by the elder and her/his family. When you visit an assisted living home, ask about the quality of services provided, especially services of special interest to you and your loved one, such as:

• Physical setting
• Types of apartments available
• Religious preference
• Special Needs: dementia services or memory care (link to memory care at St. E page), special diets, accommodations for couples, etc.
• Activities offered
• Medical services offered: availability of physician, transportation to medical appointments, nursing staff available, etc.
• Other services available
• Available amenities
• Security
• Fees – note that some assisted living facilities have a base rate and add on for many of the services while others have a flat fee.

Most assisted living facilities invite you to visit the facility months before the move is likely to take place. It is usually easier for the potential resident to make the decision over a period of months.

In most cases completing the medical and financial evaluations will take place simultaneously. The medical evaluation generally includes:

• Resident assessment tool used by all assisted living facilities in Maryland. Ask your physician to complete the form and give it to you. Then you can give copies to any assisted living facility you are considering.

• Activities of daily living form, which asks about the amount of assistance the future resident needs. At Caritas House, we request that someone who knows the potential resident well complete the form and send it to us with the Physician’s Assessment.

• Individual Nursing Assessment: Most assisted living facilities, including Caritas, will want their delegating nurse to assess the potential resident before acceptance.

The Caritas House application has three parts:

Part I:
The Jenkins Senior Living Community Application (PDF)
Financial Packet Instructions
Long Term Care Insurance (PDF)

Part II:
Resident Assessment (PDF)
The Physician’s Assessment forms should be prepared by a physician who knows the potential resident. Please note that this form asks if the applicant is free from tuberculosis. This is usually determined with a skin test or an x-ray. The PPD (skin test) is only good for 30 days. The x-ray is good for three (3) months.
MOLST (Maryland Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) Form (PDF)

Part III:
Assisted Living Manager’s Assessment (PDF) – We ask that the family member who best knows the applicant complete this form.

When we have received all three parts of the application, we will invite you to meet with our delegating nurse for a final assessment. If the nurse feels that we can care for the applicant appropriately, we will invite them to set a move-in date and select a room. If there are no rooms available, the applicant will be put on the waiting list.

Please contact our Office Coordinator at 410-646-6570 or if you have any questions about this application process or if you need help with any of the parts of the application.

There are several ways to fund the costs of assisted living:
• Private pay
• Long-term care insurance

If the resident or resident’s spouse served in a war, the VA may also help.

Caritas House Specifics: What you need to know
At Caritas House, the following items are needed for move-in:
• Proof that the future resident is free of TB
• Prescriptions
• Copy of Medicare, other insurance and Social Security cards
• Signed forms indicating choice of primary care physician and pharmacy
• Security deposit of $400.00

All residences are private and include one room and a private bathroom.