Believing in someone’s ability gives them confidence to transform their life.

The men in Christopher Place Employment Academy (CPEA) grapple with many significant challenges including substance abuse, incarceration, homelessness, inadequate education and unemployment.

Through CPEA, the participants learn to emphasize their assets and improve life skills, behavioral modification, reading and math skills, GED preparation, addiction recovery, computers, healthy relationships, parenting, leadership, occupational research and career development training.

Christopher Place is a two-year program. The average class size is 55 men per year. The first stage is assessment and preparation, the second level is referred to as academy, the third is job readiness and the fourth phase is applying for work. Of those that graduate, 86% hold a job for at least one year.

Our program provides structure, routine and training. During the first 30 days of their stay, the men refrain from using their cell phones.

The first 60 days are the hardest. They must comply with our schedule, stay on campus, take classes and do chores. This creates an atmosphere where each man can focus – unhindered by outside distractions.

Along with the ability to focus, we build confidence by repairing broken glasses, arranging for dental visits, writing resumes, holding mock interviews, assisting them to obtain a driver’s license, tracking their birth certificate, modifying child support and continually saying “Yes, you can move your life forward.”