Tony Peddicord was born on September 10, 1954 to Catherine and Robert Peddicord, the eighth of ten children. Tony grew up in a loving and active family in Mt. Washington, and from infancy, was cherished by his parents and siblings. Life was never dull in a family of 10 children and Tony quickly learned to be part of the good-natured teasing and affection that comes with being part of a large clan!

Tony began his early education at St. Francis in Baltimore and from there, continued his learning at St. Elizabeth’s School for Special Education. During those formative years, Tony learned to read and write, and to this day, he loves to write his “memoirs” – a listing of his favorite TV shows, mostly programs that we watched as children and that he still loves to watch on DVDs and videos. When our parents moved to Harford County in the mid-70s, Tony completed his formal education at John Archer School and then began work at the training center in Harford County.

Tony continued living with our parents during their retirement years and enjoyed many special times with them, especially trips they took together to Tucson, Arizona to see our brother, Phil, and his family. Birthdays, cookouts and holiday gatherings with our parents were also special times and Tony has always been a big part of those celebrations. In his younger years, when he was a little more steady on his feet, Tony could out dance any of us at family weddings and was known to steal the DJ’s microphone for a song or two!

After our parents’ deaths in the mid-90s, Tony lived with our sister, Kay for a year and attended Gallagher’s Day Program. From there, he moved to Cecil County to live with our brother, Terry and his family. Terry and Melanie and their children continued to provide Tony a loving and close family, and Tony attended the training center day program in Cecil County for almost eleven years. Although our parents were gone, we continued to enjoy our family get-togethers and Tony would come to other siblings’ homes for visits whenever possible.

And now, at age 52, Tony – and his Peddicord family – have been welcomed into the Gallagher family. In early February 2007, Tony moved into the Senior Living Apartments in Timonium and also began attending the Medical Day Program. Tony has fast made new friends among staff and residents and enjoys his roommate, Thomas, and the rest of the fellows in his apartment. All of us Peddicords have enjoyed getting to know the Gallagher family and participating in activities there. We appreciate the love and care that Tony is given on a daily basis and know that Gallagher will be wonderful partners with us in caring for Tony during his older years.

Joan Peddicord