Employee Debbie Sterrett

Twenty years may seem like a long time to hold the same job but not to Deb Sterrett. Deb has been the Junior Accountant at Gallagher Services for about that long.

“It doesn’t seem like it’s been that many years. I guess time flies when you’re doing something you love,” Deb says.

Unlike most of the Catholic Charities’ accountants, Deb is an accountant for the participants of Gallagher Services. She is responsible for their eligibility for food stamps, medical assistance and any other programs they may be enrolled in. She ensures they receive payment for social security and that their medial bills are paid. She also handles the annual HUD recertification’s for the 14 HUD-funded apartments.

Deb, who knows 80% of the 234 participants by name, says the Gallagher participants are the reason she loves her job.

“They are a loving and giving group of people. They take each day as it comes and they enjoy every second of it, taking nothing for granted. They are so appreciative of everything in life. We can learn a lot from them,” Deb says.

A lot has changed in the 20 years she has been with Gallagher Services. The biggest difference: “When I started here we didn’t have computers. We tracked everything by hand or with typewriters. And I actually had to physically go pick up all the food stamps. We’ve come a long way!”