Esperanza Center clients Juan and Emmeline are thankful for their English teacher, Lois (center).

My name is Emmeline Sandino and I’m from Venezuela. I’m 28 years old and I came to this country six months ago with all the hopes placed in my mind and my heart.

When I arrived, I realized that my life had changed. I was in a new country with new people, no family, no friends, and even worse, without speaking the language. I left my home, I left my family, I left my beloved little dog, I left my job, because my only reason to be here is because I believe in love, and I have no regrets. No way.

Five months ago, I saw this name, Esperanza Center, on the Internet and immediately I called, and three days later I was here to learn English. Now, I’m still learning the language but I’m able to write these words.

I have to thank my teacher Sharon Tufaro for teaching us every week with patience, love and always, her smile.

We are here for our own personal reasons but thanks to you we can gradually achieve the desire and the need to learn your language.

There is one person that I want to dedicate my words of gratefulness; my dear friend and funny teacher Lois Cannon. She is a very special person to me. With her, not only have I improved my speaking skills, I’ve learned the meaning of friendship.

Thank you to all the people from Esperanza Center, especially the girls from the front desk.