by Arthur Krieger 

Hey hey hey! As always this week has been chock-full-o-new-experiences. But the last couple days have been really remarkable.

Yesterday and today, I covered for a paraprofessional who works 1:1 with a middle school student all day long. 1:1-ing is my favorite thing about volunteering at St. Vincent’s Villa, so these last couple days at work have been great.

Personally, I’m doing well. I appreciate day-to-day existence on many levels, from the outer and more material to the inner and more spiritual. Life isn’t all pleasure but I certainly am happy. Also, I’m very excited for the near future, the Project SERVE fall retreat especially. My housemates and I are going to Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia next week to enjoy a little nature (and each others’ company, I guess??). We’ll be there for three days. Rumor has it that we’ll be hiking, discussing spirituality and cooking. Slowing down. Sounds perfect to me.

As always, sending my love y’all!