by Matt Cheng 


Last Thursday’s snowstorm showed me just how incredibly dedicated people are towards keeping Our Daily Bread open. Managers slept over, Catholic Charities employees from other sites made their way down, and volunteers still made it in! We had over a foot of snow in the city, but that didn’t stop us; we served 217 people.

I have to do a huge shout out to all of the Christopher Place men. They worked extremely hard Thursday thru Sunday shoveling snow and helping down in the kitchen. Without their help, we would not have been able to keep our parking lot or sidewalks clear, or open the kitchen.

I heard one guest talking about how he walked all the way from west Baltimore because this was going to be his only meal of the day. Our Daily Bread was his only chance to get a meal and thankfully, we have an extremely dedicated group of people who work and volunteer their time to make sure that people can still get a hot meal. ODB hasn’t been closed a single day since the program began in 1981!

Our Daily Bread Hot Meal Program