Jayme Limpert and Avery Burrows

Jayme Limpert and Avery Burrows

Mother-daughter relationships can be a deeply special bond that is made even stronger through shared experiences like volunteering.

That’s true for Jayme Limpert and her 10-year-old daughter, Avery Burrows. Once a month, Limpert and daughter volunteer in the child care center at Anna’s House, Catholic Charities’ family shelter in Harford County.

“As a mom, I love the perspective this opportunity provides us,” Limpert said. “It’s important that we see firsthand how all people live. Together, my daughter and I show patience and love to others with no selfish outcomes expected.”



Sarah’s House volunteer, Patricia Morgan (c) with her family including mother, Karen Prince (l); daughter, Lassandra Morgan (r); and the Matriarch, 92 year-old grandmother and volunteer, Mary Smith.

Patricia Morgan (center rear) volunteers at Sarah’s House with her mother, Karen Prince (l); daughter Lassandra Morgan (r); and 92-year-old grandmother Mary Smith.

In Anne Arundel County, volunteer and mother Patricia Morgan says her commitment to serve is rooted in Biblical teachings. “‘To those whom much is given, much is required,’” she said.

Her commitment has inspired four generations of women from her family to volunteer at Sarah’s House, Anne Arundel County’s only family shelter.

Her enthusiasm has also inspired her colleagues from Nationwide Insurance in Columbia, Maryland, to also volunteer.

“Every time we serve, I learn something new about the challenges facing families,” Morgan said. “It’s a blessing to know these guests and see them move forward in life.”