Greetings! My name is Cameron Goodman, and I am this year’s Project SERVE volunteer at Sarah’s House. Originally from the stale suburbs of Sacramento, CA, I went to the University of Notre Dame and majored in science pre-professional studies and German. No, just because I majored in German doesn’t mean I can speak German, but don’t let any of my professors know that.

I stumbled across the Project SERVE website the day after my last final, and from then, it has been a match made in heaven. A year of postgraduate service has been in the cards for awhile, but among all the similar programs across the country, Project SERVE jumped out at me the most. The ability to live in the vibrant urban environs of Baltimore combined with the opportunity to serve the remarkable site of Sarah’s House was too good to pass up. I’m truly blessed to be here, mainly because I’ve already learned so much from my community and from my worksite that I can carry with me in the future. Law school is hopefully on tap for me next year, but no matter where I go in life, the humbling call to service will guide my way.