by Maggie Shelledy


Hello!  I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (and absurdly proud of my friendly Midwestern roots). I decided to move to the East Coast for college and couldn’t pull myself away this year. At Fordham University in New York, I double-majored in Theology and Spanish with a concentration in Peace and Justice Studies and absolutely loved it. When graduation was rapidly approaching, I knew that I wanted a chance to see everything I had learned in the classroom in action and knew that for me the best way to do that was through a year of service. I happened to open a book of post-grad volunteer programs to the page with Project SERVE and met my destiny. This year I’m working at the Esperanza Center, a comprehensive resource center for immigrants, and helping facilitate their English as a Second Language program. So far it’s been really exciting and I’m so grateful to be here! More updates later!