On January 5, 2009, Gina Adams opened a Dove chocolate and the message inside said, “try something new” and that has become her mission. This year, she celebrates her 50th birthday and has decided to give a little bit of herself back to her community. To do so, Gina plans to run a sprint triathlon and raise money for My Sister’s Place Women’s Center (MSPWC). The triathlon is on Sunday, May 31st in Hampstead, Maryland, and is called the “Cascade Lake Triathlon.” It consists of a swim in Lake Cascade, a bike race on a hilly rural course in Hampstead, and a rolling run to the finish—the goal is simply to finish!

Gina is using the triathlon to raise $10,000 prior to race day, and is asking individuals to give to this worthy cause through donations or by participating on the course. Gina and her group of athletes are in the midst of rigorous training, yet they continue to make their work fun. To date, Gina has already raised more than half of the donations for MSPWC. Gina wishes to assist and inspire many people along the way through her selfless act of support and charity to the My Sister’s Place Women’s Center. The website for the triathlon is www.piranha-sports.com. To get further information on Gina’s efforts, contact Jackie Reid at 410.659.3763.