by Congregate Housing Services  

We asked our colleagues in the Congregate Housing Services Program in Catholic Charities Senior Communities, How do you see Love in your work that you do every day? How do you see Love in the work of your peers, co-workers, colleagues – in the entire site-based team at your senior community? Here are some of the answers we received.

  • Seeing the same person the next day, in good health, happy with their environment and Loving me, for the care that I give.
  • I feel full of energy in my work and happy to serve the elderly.  That’s how I have Love in my work.
  • I see Love in the laughter of residents and staff at lunch every day, and in how residents come down to the community areas an hour before lunch to socialize and get to know each other better. It is not just another meal – it is special.
  • I see Love in the time spent after the 8 hours are done in the smiling face of someone speaking to a resident – knowing they have a pile of work to be done, in everyone coming together and working together to make the building function at its very best for each other and for the residents.
  • Love = caring for your people. Helping with little things and just being there!  Even though we are there to clean, etc., we talk and laugh together at little things.
  • I see Love in my work by the smiles on everyone’s faces.