by Kristen Kinkopf 

For years, banners were displayed outside of Catholic Charities’ programs stating “Cherish the Divine Within.” This past year, the Agency officially adopted the Agency tagline or slogan Cherishing the Divine Within All. We as an Agency added the All to emphasize that we mean everyone – every person who comes to a Catholic Charities program for help, every person who comes to a Catholic Charities program to assist as a volunteer or donor, every person who participates in our mission of loving service in any way.

I like to think of this tagline as another way of stating the first of our core values – To Love.  When we love another person as we are called to love at Catholic Charities, we see and cherish God’s presence in that person.

When are we called to Cherish the Divine Within All and, by doing so, demonstrate this value To Love?

All the time. In every encounter. In every instance. No matter what we are doing. We are called to Cherish the Divine Within All –

  • As we work with a client,
  • When we speak with a co-worker, whether we intend to thank that person for a job well done or suggest a work-related improvement,
  • In how we welcome a volunteer or community partner coming to help for the day,
  • When we prepare a meal for a child in our care,
  • As we clean an apartment for a senior living in one of our senior communities,
  • In the way we lead or speak up in a meeting,
  • In how we listen to someone else,
  • In the care with which we prepare a financial statement,
  • When we explain to a colleague the benefits to which she is entitled and ensure that she understands,
  • In how we greet visitors to our programs or departments,
  • In the way we answer the telephone,
  • In our e-mail responses,
  • When we ask for or provide assistance,
  • In the way we speak about a colleague or a client in public – or behind closed doors,
  • And the list goes on and on.

Cherishing the Divine Within All all the time is a real challenge, but it’s a challenge worth aspiring to meet. As a reminder now and well beyond Mission Awareness Month, we will soon distribute bracelets to all employees and to volunteers as well. The bracelet will pose the question: Am I Cherishing the Divine Within All?

Ask yourself this question every day, over and over again. The more we answer this question with a resounding Yes, the more we meet our great potential as an organization, realize our mission and live up to the first of our values – To Love.