I have worked in Long Term Care for 15 years and was formerly the Director of Recreational Therapy at St. Elizabeth. After taking a year off to be with my family, I truly missed helping elders live full lives.  When presented with the opportunity to be the Noah’s Place Neighborhood Guide, I knew in my heart that it was a good fit. Noah’s Place has always been a very special place for me for three simple reasons, the elders, family members, and staff members.

Although Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease often makes it difficult for elders to express themselves, we never lose sight of who they are. It is extremely interesting to learn about their lives—a loving mother, father or spouse—their occupations, leisure interests, and the contributions they have made to our community.

I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the Noah’s Place family members who have had to put their hopes and dreams on hold to care for their loved ones. Placing a mother, father, or spouse in the hands of others must have been a most difficult decision. However, the personal connection that family members have with their loved ones is what makes them some of the most supportive and involved families we have at St. Elizabeth.

Noah’s Place staff members also have a passionate and unique way of caring for our elders. Noah’s Place is considered to be a Special Care Unit and that’s exactly what it is and more. It is a place where special care is provided to elders and their family members by our dedicated staff. It is for these reasons that I am excited about being part of the Noah’s Place family.

Vince DeLuzio
Noah’s Place Neighborhood Guide