In the five years that Betty Heitzer has worked for Catholic Charities, she has been the housing associate at six different senior housing buildings. Currently, she holds this title at our three tax-credit communities: Kessler Park, St. Mark’s and Everall Gardens.

Betty is responsible for collecting rent, processing resident and applicant certifications, managing the wait lists and responding to resident inquiries. In addition, for the past six months, Betty has been the acting manager at these three buildings.

According to Coral Ross, regional property manager, “Betty stepped right up to the challenge and filled the void. She saw what needed to be done and did it. Despite not having a housing manager, the operations of these buildings have not missed a beat thanks to her dedication to the Housing Division.”

“This has certainly been a learning experience for me. I’m lucky to have the opportunity and just love working with these residents,” Betty says.

For years Betty heard about how great Catholic Charities was from her husband who also worked in the Housing Division. According to Betty, when her husband became disabled and was unable to continue working, she decided to see for herself how wonderful the Agency is.

“He was right. I just love it here!”