When you hear the name McCormick’s, most people think of flavorful spices and good food. Travel through Hunt Valley and those odors of cinnamon are sure to remind you that their factory and taste kitchens are close by.  Although the company’s passion is all about flavor they are also committed to making a positive difference in the community.

Earlier this month, fifteen McCormick volunteers from all over the country (one as far as the Cayman Islands) took time from their busy schedule to spend time with the children at Villa Maria.  Not only did they participate in a round of fun activities outside on the field, but they also treated the kids to a great barbeque dinner.

When asked why the hamburgers and hot dogs taste so good, Greg Sommerville, manager of vendor operations for McCormick Global Ingredients, said: “It’s all in the spices.”

And to be sure those flavors hang around a little while longer, McCormick stocked the Villa Maria kitchen with a supply of their best ingredients. It’s not hard to see why this company is so successful – good spices and good people!