At a recent visit to St. Luke’s Place, a Catholic Charities Senior Housing community in Edgemere, we encountered Gary Quatman in the lobby. The charming and energetic Mr. Quatman, who has lived at St. Luke’s for 14 months, was assembling a group of residents to take them on a field trip to Perryville for the day. Mr. Quatman moved from Florida to St. Luke’s to be near his family and selected Edgemere because it’s a quiet neighborhood. He often organizes and takes other residents on outings and is obviously a great favorite of his neighbors already.

We also spoke to Carol Bayle, who has lived in Edgemere for 70 years. She is delighted to have a home at St. Luke’s Place so that she can be in the neighborhood she loves, where it’s very safe and she has many friends. The other residents rely on her for any information they need about Edgemere, including the inside scoop on the best places to eat (large crabs for a $1!).

Dorothy Perry, resident for 18 months, says, “the people are nice and I enjoy the activities.”

This sentiment is echoed by her neighbor Helen Hatchell, who finds St. Luke’s to be a “nice place to be. I really enjoy it here and the people and personnel are really nice.”

Irene Walker, resident for 2 1/2 years, tells us, “This is the best place to live because of the people here.”

Jean Younger drops by just to chat with us. Her favorite things about St. Luke’s are the “people and good neighbors.” She especially enjoys the ways all her neighbors help one another.

Clara Giese. Who is with a second group meeting in the lobby to go to the farmers’ market, says the best thing about St. Luke’s is “the people and the girls who work here. I never had so many friends in my life and we always have something to do.”

Not to be missed are Bernice Ann and Larry O’Quinn. On the day of our visit it is 99 degrees outside, but Bernice Ann has dressed up especially for our visit and come down to be photographed in her favorite sun dress. All the ladies in the lobby look lovely, but Bernie, a large Chihuahua, has really gone out of her way just to primp for our visit. Larry, who does a lot of animal rescue work, tells us they “love their apartment.”

St. Luke’s is one of the first Catholic Charities Senior Housing communities and you can easily sense what a warm, welcoming group has formed here.







Senior Community in Edgemere: St. Luke’s Place