Reggie and Gloria did not expect to find love in Catholic Charities senior
housing, but when their friendship took this unexpected turn, the two were soon wed.

Reggie and Gloria in their Basilica Place apartment.

It is not uncommon for Catholic Charities’ Senior Housing residents to find rewarding and enduring friendships among their fellow residents, but for Reggie and Gloria, residents at Basilica Place, their friendship grew into something much more. “We met in the laundry room not long after Reggie had moved in,” says Gloria. “I just had to talk to her,” says Reggie. A true friendship quickly developed between the pair and they spent the next eight months getting to know each other. After their “courting” period, as Gloria calls it, Reggie popped the question and the couple married soon after.
While finding love while living in Catholic Charities’ Senior Housing is a unique occurrence, for these two lovebirds, it was a true blessing. Each had suffered through the loss of their spouse. Gloria says she never imagined she would marry again. In fact, Gloria was reluctant to say yes when Reggie first asked her to marry him, but as Reggie tells it, he begged her and her heart soon surrendered.
When asked what inspired them to get married, Gloria says it was the companionship and the harmony she felt when they were together. “When we met, we just had harmony in our relationship,” says Gloria. Reggie says that he is so grateful to have Gloria in his life. “We are always there for one another,” says Reggie, “when I am sick, she cares for me.”
The two were married in May of 2006 at Mt. Hebron Church. Many family and friends attended the happy affair. Reggie’s brother traveled from Philadelphia to be present as they took their vows. Today, the couple proudly displays their wedding photos in their living room, a reminder of the love and commitment they share.

A photo taken of the couple on their wedding day, proudly displayed in their home.

Since getting married, the couple has remained very active making plans for the coming year. Together, they participate in many of the activities planned by Basilica Place residents including holiday parties and social nights. Reggie also keeps busy volunteering his time driving other residents to important appointments and shopping excursions. 
They both agree that living at Basilica Place has been a blessing. Not only did they find love, they truly enjoy the safe, warm environment it has to offer. Located in downtown Baltimore, Basilica Place allows Gloria and Reggie to enjoy shops and entertainment venues. “We like to go to shows and out to dinner.  We are close to so much the City has to offer,” says Gloria. Each of Catholic Charities Senior Housing Communities offers quality, accessible and affordable housing and services in a caring and supportive environment for people in need.
While their unexpected romance took them both by surprise, the love they share is apparent to all they meet. They are thrilled to share their golden years with one another, in the comfort offered by Basilica Place.