For the fourth straight year, the Sarah’s House kids are enjoying a summer day camp on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, thanks entirely to the kindness and generosity of Schuster Concrete in Owings Mills. Every Monday and Tuesday, up to 35 children ages five and above travel over the Bay Bridge to the 500 acre River Farm Camp, where plenty of fun awaits—including swimming, canoeing, fishing, arts and crafts, cookouts, and even a rock climbing wall! For many of our program’s children, the River Farm Camp represents their very first summer camp experience, and allows them to have what so many of us may take for granted—wonderful childhood memories of the summer.
Ms. Alexis Tucker, the Sarah’s House School Age Teacher, serves as the primary camp chaperone for the program, and as such understands just how important the River Farm Camp is to the Sarah’s House kids.

Alexis says about the camp, “Schuster Concrete offers the children an experience they will never forget. Most of the children that attend have never been to a beach or pool and are very nervous. I enjoy seeing their faces light up as they encounter new experiences. I am truly grateful to Schuster Concrete and the Camp Counselors for the experience.”

On behalf of all the Sarah’s House children, parents and staff, thank you to Schuster Concrete for illustrating the importance of corporate outreach and the impact it has in transforming the lives of our clients, one child at a time.