Thank you to our volunteers!

As of October 2019, the organizations which contributed the most volunteer hours include:

Quantum Leap, Inc. logged 2,854 hours in FY19.

Quantum Leap, Inc. provides residential and support services to adults with intellectual disabilities.

Thank you to the individuals who serve at Our Daily Bread Employment Center through Quantum Leap.

Participants from Quantum Leap serving lunch at Our Daily Bread.


Religious groups with greatest number of volunteer hours include:

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Towson gave 1,440 hours. 

Mount St. Joseph edged out Archbishop Spaulding with 1,140 hours and 1,120 hours, respectively.

A group of 9th graders from Mount St. Joseph High School

All freshmen from Mount Saint Joseph High School complete a day of service at Our Daily Bread. Juniors have a minimum requirement of 40 hours of service for the year, and seniors have a minimum requirement of 20 hours. There is also an opportunity for seniors to take a Spirituality and Service class where they are able to complete more hours of service and reflect on that time.