Ronald, Clifton and Paul entered Christopher Place Employment Academy like most men before them – homeless, lost and without a plan to get their lives back on track. Today, after much hard work and dedication as well as the opportunities afforded them through Christopher Place Employment Academy, these three men have found a path towards a brighter future with new careers at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

These men turned to Christopher Place with a strong commitment to changing their lives; they successfully completed eight months of classes, workshops, weekly community service, and daily chores. With over 6,000 hours each of classroom training in anger management and coping mechanisms as well as preparation for employment, their commitment to change turned into a plan and a goal.

After successfully completing the first phase of coursework at Christopher Place, it was time to begin the Employment Training portion of the program. Eighteen men from Christopher Place applied to complete an Environmental Services Training program at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Based on their achievements and dedication in the first phase of the program, these three men were selected.

During the five-week training program, the men rose early to take a bus to the all-day trainings and would study into the night, leaning on one another for support and guidance. They all completed the training program with high marks and within two weeks of their graduation they were employed by Johns Hopkins Hospital. They now work in operating rooms, intensive care units and sterile quarters of the hospital.

All three men have now been successfully employed with Johns Hopkins Hospital for over six months and have moved into community housing, the final stage of the Christopher Place program. The men remain active in their recovery, follow a plan to save their earnings, and are preparing to take the skills learned at Christopher Place to move out on their own and provide for themselves and their families.