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Communities Across Maryland to Benefit from Historic “Greater Promise” Campaign 

Catholic Charities debuts initiative to reimagine existing programs and introduce new services to fundamentally change how Maryland’s most vulnerable receive critical assistance 

(Baltimore, December 8, 2021) Catholic Charities, Maryland’s largest private provider of human services, today announced the launch of the “Greater Promise” campaign, the organization’s largest-ever fundraising effort in its nearly 100-year history, with a goal of $75 million. The campaign officially launched on December 8, 2021 and includes a comprehensive new website. 

“Greater Promise is a call to realize our fullest potential as an organization and a charge to help our community realize a greater promise for themselves,” said William J. “Bill” McCarthy, Jr., executive director of Catholic Charities of Baltimore. “The term ‘Greater Promise’ refers to our ongoing commitment to providing the assistance necessary to help individuals, families, and communities and our obligation to confront the modern challenges our neighbors are facing.” 

Though Catholic Charities has built an unmatched, holistic system of support, Greater Promise is a response to the current circumstances impacting both the region and the world, and even with the extensive list of essential programs Catholic Charities has created, there is still much work to be done. With 10% of Marylanders living in poverty and a 22% poverty rate among Baltimore City residents, Catholic Charities’ new campaign focuses on addressing today’s needs, while inspiring others to help build a more supportive and compassionate community, together. 

Though the funds will be used to support Catholic Charities’ nearly 100 programs, the primary focus will be on several significant infrastructure improvements to help children, support intellectually and developmentally disabled adults, and stimulate community revitalization in Baltimore. 

Plans for funds raised include: 

  • Launching an intergenerational center in West Baltimore: a new, central, state-of-the art facility that will provide a continuum of support for children, adults, families, and seniors. 
  • Expanding school readiness through Head Start, with related programming that fosters behavioral health and general wellness 
  • Reimagining the scope, setting, and programming provided by Gallagher Services, which supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities 
  • Creating transformative community-based economic opportunity through the redevelopment of the Cherry Hill Town Center 

The announcement of the campaign took place at Our Daily Bread Employment Center in Baltimore on December 8, 2021, before a crowd of select donors, program recipients, and invited guests. Scheduled speakers for the day included: 

  •  William J. “Bill” McCarthy, Jr., executive director, Catholic Charities of Baltimore 
  •  William “Bill” and Lisa Stromberg, CEO of T. Rowe Price, and community volunteer 
  •  Marc Bunting, CEO of the Blue Jar Family Council and CFO and co-founder of Alpine Food Service Solutions 
  •  Theresa Becks, Board Chair, Catholic Charities of Baltimore 
  •  Dan Rizzo, Innovation Fellow, Invalon 
  •  Jerry Pryor, Case Manager, Christopher Place Employment Academy 

With the Greater Promise campaign, Catholic Charities is making a deliberate drive to meet current challenges and reimagine how they can do more, while calling on the community to realize how much more can be done together. 

“For nearly 100 years, Catholic Charities has stepped forward to walk with people on their journeys and meet them where they are,” says Marc Bunting. “But we never stop looking for ways to reimagine how we can provide greater aid for those who need it most while also inspiring others to join us. ‘Greater Promise’ is the next step in how we sustain our core programs, meet increasing demands, and update our execution for heightened service delivery.” 

At the launch event, Catholic Charities also revealed its identity as the organization behind the thought-provoking “How Can I (Help, Give, Love) More” teaser campaign currently running in digital and traditional media channels across the greater Baltimore area. 

“As Catholic Charities approaches its 100th anniversary, we are presented with an opportunity to both reflect on our tremendous contributions to the community and also to take a deep, honest look inside to ask ourselves, ‘how can we do more?’,” said McCarthy. “As we call upon ourselves to do more, we call for the support of our community to help realize a greater promise. To be more together— more helping, more giving and more loving.” 


About Catholic Charities 

Catholic Charities of Baltimore is Maryland’s largest private provider of human services, with nearly 100 programs in 200 locations to serve children and families experiencing homelessness and poverty, 

individuals with intellectual disabilities, immigrants and seniors without regard to religion, race or other circumstances. 

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