I’m from Puebla, Puebla, Mexico. I’ve been in the US for almost three years. When I arrived here, I didn’t speak English. 

In my first job, the American people spoke to me in English. I used to have to find somebody that spoke Spanish and he translated what they said so I could understand.

I decided to learn English. Now, I am taking English classes in Esperanza Center. Now, I understand and speak it, more or less. Learning English is hard.

I like it here. I have gone to visit different places that I really like. For example: Hershey Park, New York, Washington, Ocean City, Philadelphia and Baltimore, where I live. 

I like it here a lot but I miss my family in Mexico. I talk to them on the telephone but it’s not enough. I’m going back to Mexico someday. I’m going to learn to be an electrician or mechanic.

Thanks a lot to Esperanza Center. I’ve had wonderful teachers here.