Leonor and her husband.

My name is Leonor Renderos. I’m from El Salvador. I’ve been here for seven weeks and I was interested to start my English classes right away. But, the community college already started at that time. I found La Esperanza Center so I come here every time I can.

I came to Baltimore because I recently got married and my husband works here, but actually, he is from Boston. And before I saw pictures from Baltimore and when I saw the pictures, I wished I could come here because the pictures were wonderful.

I’m a hairstylist and in my country, I owned a salon in San Salvador. Now I’m studying to apply for a license so I can work again.

Since I’ve been coming here, I met a wonderful people who love to help and teach and I learned a lot about our lives; about our opportunities; and it’s like the name of the center. It gives me hope and for me it’s a big experience about life.