Working from home has its pros and cons. A new commute and nonrestrictive dress code are two major pros. But one of the cons is we may not be moving our bodies as much as we would be if we were still working in the office.

And that is how Catholic Charities’ Mission to Move was born.

The five-day virtual event, beginning Aug. 17, has a dual purpose: encouraging you to move and learn while also raising funds to support our neighbors in need. And for one Catholic Charities program, it’s also become a fun team project.

“I think it’s a creative way to gather staff together in a safe way, to promote healthy habits while also raising money for Catholic Charities,” said Sarah’s House Volunteer Manager Bruce Clopein.

The Sarah’s House team gets ready to move.

The event allows each user to set a personal step goal, and pledge a gift for each day they meet it. Participants can also invite others to sponsor their fitness mission. It also promises to deliver podcast-like interviews with Catholic Charities experts on topics like mental and behavioral health, senior care, poverty relief, and more.

“This new challenge was the perfect opportunity to invest in our team of employees and support the agency that we are dedicated to,” said Sarah’s House Program Director Kelly Anderson. “Through a week full of varied activities, we plan on connecting more closely with our colleagues and sharing more than just the most recent client story.”

The team at Sarah’s House is already on the move. Bobbie Jimenez, manager of Client Services, said, “I was motivated because I love being able to give back to staff, even if it’s in the smallest way. I feel like it shows them how much they are appreciated. When we started thinking of themes and activities to add to the walk, I loved the ideas that we came up with—some I haven’t done in years, like hula hooping. Thinking of how much fun we are going to have as a team, while taking our minds off of the stressors of work, even for a few minutes a day, is enough motivation for me.”

Everyone on the Mission to Move will be able to listen to new conversations with our colleagues and experts on topics like understanding trauma, the myths of mental health, how to talk with your kids about drugs in today’s culture, how to prepare for a healthy life in advanced years, ways to prevent and resolve homelessness, and more.

Want to join the Mission to Move?

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