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january, 2020

Mission to Move!

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Want to turn your steps into progress for neighbors in need on their journey to self-sufficiency?

Join the Mission to Move!

Two ways to join (must use your smartphone – not desktop!)

  1. Click this sentence/link on your smartphone to Join the Mission to Move!
  2. Use your smartphone’s camera to scan this QR code to download the app specially created for the Catholic Charities Mission to Move. (If you see a portion of the QR code, click “show slideshow” to expand to the whole image.)

The Mission gets moving Aug. 17 and runs through the 21st. Make your pledge, then track your own steps to meet your goal each day! Check out the leaderboard to see how you measure up to others! Invite friends and family to sponsor you! Plus, each day, you can listen to original conversations with our experts on topics like how to talk with your kids about drugs in today’s environment, the best ways to help someone experiencing homelessness, understanding and processing trauma, and more!

You MUST scan the QR code that goes directly to the specially-created Mission to Move app. Otherwise, your steps will not be counted toward the event.

See you on the leaderboard!



Year Around Event (2020)


Anywhere you walk, jog or run!

Home - stairs - the park - your neighborhood - the gym

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