For someone to accept help, they first need to feel safe. That is a special priority when it comes to the children, older adults, and adults with disabilities whom Catholic Charities serves.

Every employee working with these individuals must first pass a background check. Those working directly with them then go through significant training, both when they’re hired and throughout their employment with us. In many cases, that includes learning to recognize and respond to crises, trauma, and abuse. For many, we require certification in CPR and first aid. We meet staffing ratio requirements for children, seniors, and adults with disabilities, too.

We put extensive consideration into our facilities, materials, and equipment. That can include, for example, daily checklists for buildings and vehicles. We maintain emergency management plans designed specifically for these groups and the locations where we serve them.

We also encourage everyone around the children, older adults, and adults with disabilities to speak up if they have concerns about safety, wellness, or other issues. We have detailed procedures for reporting those concerns.

“It’s really about the staff knowing the person they’re serving,” said Gallagher Services Administrator Kathy Clemente. “When they know each other well, our staff can advocate for the people we support.”

Additionally, we comply fully with local, state, and federal licensing and regulations. All of this work is important to our commitment to honor the dignity of each individual.