Spreading the word about the good work of St. Vincent’s Villa comes naturally to Geri Olsen. It happens on hockey fields while cheering on her grandchildren, in grocery store check-out lines, at the local bank, and of course, through family and friends. Her famous notebook lists every contact, including high school friends from 1959.

Since 1993, Geri Olsen has rallied her network of donors and volunteers – whom we affectionately call “Geri’s Angels” to generously support St. Vincent’s Villa and create a joyful Christmas for the children of St. Vincent’s Villa.

Geri says that she is just “one piece of the puzzle…people really want to help,” she adds, “but they might not be aware of the cause.”

In 2015, Geri received the Unsung Hero Award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals for her decades of exceptional commitment to volunteer and fundraising projects that have benefited the children of St. Vincent’s Villa.

Please join me in thanking Geri for her continued love and service and thanks to her husband, Bobby, who has always supported her along the way.

Sincerely, Ezra Buchdahl
Administrator of St. Vincent’s Villa