April is National Volunteer Month, and we want to acknowledge, thank and celebrate the amazing individuals who give so much of their time and talent to encountering our neighbors with us!

Ms. Pamela Leonard has spent more than 2,000 volunteering at Our Daily Bread so far.

Ms. Pamela Leonard has been volunteering at Our Daily Bread Employment Center in our meal program two days a week for over five years. This totals over 2,000 hours of service to people experiencing hunger and/or homelessness in our community.

During her time here, she has had made a major impact. Her knowledge and expertise have been beneficial and impacted the many people that we serve each week. Pamela also joined us in 2021 for one of our biggest Christmas celebrations for our guests, The Jingle Party. This celebration allows those we serve to experience some Christmas joy and to interact with volunteers like Pamela. She donated much-needed items and came to help with the party itself too! Her kind gestures and her genuine personality has meant a lot to our guests, staff, and volunteers alike.

The honor of serving over three hundred guests per day during a pandemic (and up to 800 a day pre-COVID) could not be accomplished without Pamela and other volunteers like her, who continue to shine a light in the lives of those we serve. We love and appreciate the fact that Pamela puts her time aside to come in and be a blessing to our guests, even when she may not feel like it or may be having a rough day. She always comes in with a smile and is a blessing to everyone that walks through our doors. It also means a lot that she is one of many volunteers who is eager to come in if she is needed even when she is not scheduled to come ahead of time. Every Friday that we work together, she brings an energy with her that is unmatched, and she is a joy to be around. Her willingness to give and ask nothing in return is so special. Pamela has not only been a blessing to our clients but also to me and the Our Daily Bread Employment Center staff.

Jasmine Jones
Volunteer Manager
Our Daily Bread Employment Center