Preparing for Christmas at the Weinberg Housing and Resource Center

It’s Christmas time at Weinberg Housing and Resource Center! It’s actually kind of nice for it to finally be December, because we’ve already been thinking about Christmas for months. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to spend the holiday with the beautiful residents and staff of WHRC but I am so excited for all of the preparation that I get to be a part of. It’s actually been really beautiful to see how much people have wanted to make this season special for all 275 of our residents. With Weinberg’s Adopt a Resident program, we’re trying to make sure that all of our residents get ‘adopted’ by individuals, families, companies,


and friends so that everyone gets a gift for Christmas! Even those who may not be able to give a full gift for a resident are able to go on the registry on the Catholic Charities website and help with essentials that everyone needs. This is a time of year that calls for a lot of reflection on what we have and what we’re doing, so it’s great to see many people take that calling and act through service for others. I know I want each and every one of our residents to be adopted because I’ve gotten to know so many of them and I know that they really need this. It’s almost overwhelming how much people want to get involved without even knowing a single resident.

It has been such a great way to get my family and others I know involved, so they can feel connected to what I’m doing here in Baltimore. It has also been a unique way for people who aren’t even in Baltimore to get connected to Weinberg and help out this time of year. Volunteers have also been so excited to make Christmas ornaments and cards for all of our residents, and I’m just really feeling all of the love that comes through our building. I want to thank everyone who has already given so much to WHRC and let them know that the goal really is to make this Christmas special and filled with love for every person. I hope that we are still in people’s thoughts after the holiday season because there are always people in need, not just at WHRC, but throughout all the programs at Catholic Charities and the state of Maryland.

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