Hello! My name is Nyerre Osiomwan and I am from the great city of Baltimore, Maryland! As a recent graduate of Virginia Tech, I am thrilled to be back in my hometown as a member of this year’s Project SERVE.

During my undergraduate years, I majored in Spanish and International Studies. I had plans to travel abroad and do work in less fortunate communities, maybe work at a school or with the government, but when I heard about Project SERVE, all of that changed. I had never before known about this sort of year-long service program, so the whole concept was new to me. But I jumped right in and I’ve learned more in this first month than I ever could have imagined. One thing that I’m looking forward to this year is having the opportunity to serve in my own hometown and in the community that raised me. Although I do have traveler’s heart, I’m really happy to be back in Baltimore and I’m even more excited to be volunteering at the Villa Maria School with Project SERVE. It feels good to be home!