by Corey Bilodeau 


My name is Corey Bilodeau. I am a 22-year-old male who is from Lansing Michigan. I am one of five children and have had the privilege of their company. I was born and raised Catholic and I love the way Jesus shines through every little thing on a daily occurrence. I graduated from Hope College in Holland Michigan. I earned a degree in Religion and Youth Ministry. My goal was to become a youth minister when I graduated. But now I am currently discerning the Priesthood to see if God wants me to become a Priest. I do not know where He wants me, but I know that if I want the happiest life, I need to follow and listen to Him.

I love to read and be outside. I am a man who loves to go exploring and who is always looking for the next adventure. I adore God’s creation and to be able to hike through it or camp in it is amazing. It is peaceful and mind-blowing all at the same time. I also love to run and to play Ultimate Frisbee.

I am a simple man who loves simple things but with the mind of complexity. I love to have deep conversations and to just hang out. The thing that I love to above all else is to serve others. I do not know why I do, but it is in my blood. At my very core, I love to see the joy that comes from someone caring about other people. The spark that ignites their soul is only from God and it is a good feeling to be Gods hands and feet.