It was a cold day in December 2003 when a phone call was received from Hilda Peacock who had just finished reading an article in the Baltimore Sun featuring the women of My Sister’s Place (MSP). Hilda was so moved and touched by the article that she wanted to know how she could help the women of MSP.

My Sister’s Place clients had just presented a play — and since Hilda had a B.S. Degree from Towson State University in Theater Arts Communication in Acting, it was only natural to ask her to facilitate workshops to help build the self-esteem of the clients. She graciously accepted, understanding the clients come into the program struggling with self-esteem, character, and femininity issues.

Each morning My Sister’s Place opens its doors to homeless women and their children in Baltimore City, providing shower and laundry facilities, case management, life skills workshops, parenting classes, GED preparation, breakfast and dinner. Resources and direct services are also available that clients need to begin the transition back to residential stability and self-sufficiency. The women struggle with mental illness, drug addiction, health issues, child custody cases, unemployment, lack of education, and primarily homelessness.

Hilda is beginning her fifth year of lifting the spirits of the women of MSP — restoring hope and encouraging them through song, dance, exercise, and poetry readings. Every Thursday morning Hilda graces MSP with her wit, charm, humor, and class. It does not matter if the sun is shining or if the temperature outside is freezing — the level of commitment she shows to the clients, staff, and volunteers at MSP is phenomenal. She takes pride and joy in her volunteer services and is a blessing to all the women and children at MSP.

When asked why she continues to volunteer at MSP every week, Hilda said, “I am so inspired by the women. I see how they handle adversity and keep going. I do not know how I could handle the circumstances that they face every day. I would have never imagined that volunteering at My Sister’s Place would bring me so much warmth and satisfaction, money cannot buy what I receive from the women at My Sister’s Place.”