Well, we have hit the 6 month mark in Project SERVE and the time is flying by! I think it’s flying by so fast because I am having more and more fun every day I am here. I have the great pleasure of being placed at My Sister’s Place Women’s Center. Although I am supposed to put into words my experiences that I’ve had there, it’s hard to do. I say that because every day is a new chapter to add to this book of experiences at MSPWC and I look forward to going to work in the morning. Every staff member at MSPWC has been so welcoming with open arms, that within my first week I already felt like a part of the family.


The best part about going to work is that not only are my co-workers welcoming but so are the clients. Our clients are a part of the family at MSPWC. Every day is a new chance to not only meet new people who need our help but also continue to provide a service to those who are working to better their lives with our help.

Through this six months, I have grown so much not only professionally but personally. I am challenged every day not only by the women who need our services but my awesome supervisor, Robin. Robin is there to not only be my supervisor and help me expand my knowledge and professionalism but she has been there as my support system and taken me under her wing. I couldn’t be more grateful to have someone so willing to share their life lessons with me so I can not only better myself but those I serve as well.

Most of us have heard the saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This statement is one that I remind myself of daily, as I walk through those doors of MSPWC.

Project SERVE

02 Mar 15 12:00 AM CST