(l-r) Project SERVE volunteers Colleen, Mike, Rachael, Jessie, Kellyann, and Hannah.

July 23 marks the end of the year for the six Project SERVE volunteers who began working at Catholic Charities programs last September.   In the past 10 months Rachael Anderson (St. Vincent’s Center), Kellyann Conners (Sarah’s House), Hannah Cox (Our Daily Bread Employment Center), Mike Escol (St. Vincent’s Center), Colleen Gormanly (Esperanza Center), and Jessica Oxley (My Sister’s Place Women’s Center) have all devoted more than 1,700 hours each to their Catholic Charities program.

Recruited from all over the country shortly after college graduation, these young people have contributed great enthusiasm, talent and dedication to the agency. While they receive a small stipend, they commit to living a simple lifestyle during the year and not only spend their time volunteering, but also are dedicated to learning more about poverty in Maryland and analyzing the social justice issues they encounter in a shared living community with one another.

According to Aaron Kennedy, Volunteer Coordinator and Project SERVE volunteer supervisor at Our Daily Bread Employment Center, “The energy and enthusiasm brought to our programs by Project SERVE volunteers are substantial. It has been an honor to work with them as they dedicate themselves to service to others. They have willingly left their hometowns scattered around the nation to commit themselves to Baltimore through selfless service. Project SERVE Volunteers are truly exemplary public citizens, but also serve as role models to other young people in similar situations.”

As their service comes to an end, the programs to which they have dedicated their time, greatly thank them.