Fabiola Sanzana Hawkins

Sometimes I found myself thinking about the responsibility of assisting others, just to experience the simple and extraordinary action of help. It doesn’t matter if you don’t receive anything in return; just the fact that you help others to learn makes you feel the peace and the spirit that just God can give you. Sometimes, what is more, you experience the wonderful feeling of love when you don’t have anything else to offer.

That is what I feel all the time at this place, working with these people. I feel love everywhere, love from the students, love from the rest of the volunteers, and from the people who work here.

I think the sacrifice that every volunteer makes to come here and teach English for two hours is worthwhile, because when you see the smiles and when you see the gratitude and kindness, it is much more valuable than all the rest of the material things that I could ever have. It strengthens me.

I personally believe that everyone can learn, so I encourage everybody to keep learning because the one who tries working hard is most eager to accomplish their goals and achievements in life. That is my experience. I started the same way that every other student does at the Esperanza Center.

I must say that working as a volunteer here has brought me many satisfactions and I have found many new and amazing friends especially Rosa whom I already consider a friend which I owe a lot for all that she has helped me within my time at the Esperanza Center.

I think Esperanza Center is a great place for learning not just words but also a great experience that will, indeed, be difficult to forget.