Michele Sheldon Rubio donates and prepares breakfast at ODBEC. (Photo by Renée Johnson)

The aroma of Michele Sheldon Rubio’s signature cinnamon-laced biscuits whets the appetites of waiting breakfast diners at Our Daily Bread Employment Center. As the St. Matthew’s parishioner ladles hot, buttery grits into bowls, she makes sure the portions are generous. She says, “I try to give a plate that will satisfy and we generally empty the pot.” A boiled egg, applesauce, and a choice of pork or beef sausage complete the meal.

The idea to provide breakfast began when she and her husband, Steven, volunteered as part of his training to become a deacon. As a certified diabetes educator and registered nurse, Rubio knew that she could create a nutritious morning meal.

For the past three and half years—two to three times a month—Rubio has served a daily average of 150 diners at her expense. Her motivation can be found in Matthew 21:17 where Jesus tells Peter if he loves him to feed his sheep.

Rubio says, “I was homeless as a child, so I know what it’s like to be hungry.” Rubio takes pleasure in the thanks she receives from guests. “I’ve been told by guests that the smell of my cooking reminds them of their mother’s kitchen. I’m happy to do it because we are called to love our neighbors.”

Our Daily Bread Hot Meal Program