Lyndsi and Rebecca, two Loyola University Maryland art students, coordinated the mural painting at St. Vincent’s Villa.

The children who live on the Phoenix Unit at St. Vincent’s Villa were the recipients of a beautiful mural painted by art students from Loyola University Maryland.  The students painted a vivid jungle motif complete with monkeys, snakes, exotic birds and beautiful flowers and plants.  The phoenix bird, the unit’s mascot,  is depicted in vibrant colors spreading its wings in flight.

In the past, Loyola art students have painted murals on both the St. Vincent’s and Villa Maria campuses and are currently in the process of painting an Ocean City boardwalk mural in the hallway of the Ambrose Unit.

“We have been extremely fortunate in having the students from the art club at Loyola come over the years to put their artistic touches on our residences,” says Mary Lee Saarbach, Creative Arts and Wellness Coordinator for St. Vincent’s Villa.