by Aileen McShea Tinney 

I see Love in answering the phone when it rings… to be there to help someone when they need it. I see Love in calling for a positive change to support both staff and residents.  I see Love in consciously working to be present in every moment with colleagues, families, residents, applicants, and those that just do not know where else to turn.

I see Love in our team’s work when we are happy for one another’s successes, when we grow and progress together. I see Love when we’re overwhelmed and yet still step up to help a colleague or to assist a resident.  I see Love when we are truly interested and invested in each other’s work, even when our own particular realms may seem so separate and distinct. I see Love when our actions, from so many diverse angles, build a foundation of support for each other, for our employees and ultimately for those we serve.