by Frances Callis 

Love – I think this is a very misused word. We say we love this and we love that. The movies, media, social standards have conditioned us to use the word with significant others in a not so romantic but physical manner. This little word has been so misused. It is the simplest but most powerful word in the world. It is the only word that describes the true meaning of what our mission is about.

When I see the hope rise in someone’s eyes, when that person can see that someone truly cares what happens tomorrow – this is love. It is not the love we think we give but the love from those we serve. They do not say they love us. It is not the words; it is the acceptance of us into their lives. To trust and open up, to be a part of another’s life is truly the gift. When I am serving someone and that person finally opens up and we begin the journey together – this is the meaning of love. Love is not expecting anything in return. It is caring enough to be a part of someone else’s life. Whether we are in that person’s life for a brief moment or for a long time. Both lives are changed forever, because of love.