by Cindy Lueckert 

I happened to receive a call from the receptionist at the Catholic Center regarding a woman across the street with no socks, wearing flip-flops and wrapped in a blanket. This woman needed help, and the receptionist thought Catholic Charities could provide it. It was in the middle of winter and probably only around 25° outside I looked out my window and saw her.

I saw this woman without proper shoes with a blanket wrapped around her. Then I noticed another woman walk over to her….and hug her! It was a situation of one woman who, at that moment, had nothing and another woman who had something to give.

As I watched, this other woman took off her scarf and put it around the woman with no coat. Then she took off her gloves and gave them to the woman. And then, as I watched in wonder, she took off her coat and hat and gave them to this woman!

I ran down the stairs and over to the two women. I told the one woman that I had seen what she had done. I then asked the woman who received the generosity of the other woman:  “How are you?”  to which she responded, “I’m trying, I’m really trying hard.” I then walked her to My Sister’s Place.

To this day I remember these two women – one who had nothing and one who had something to give, gave everything and wanted nothing back….