Cindy Lutz was hired as a staff nurse at Villa Maria in 1989 and currently holds the role of Assistant Director of Health Services/Nursing at St. Vincent’s Villa. Along with Anne Ober, Director of Health Services, Cindy supervises the clinical staff of 40 nurses and medical assistants in the in the residential program, Villa Maria Schools, and Head Start programs.  Cindy is responsible for proposing and enforcing policies and procedures as well as ensuring that all health regulations are met. She oversees the staffing and billing for the department and works closely with the contracted GBMC pediatrician.

“This is more than a job . .. it is my passion. Catholic Charities is a mission and our employees embody that mission in their work with our children,” Cindy says passionately.  “I’m grateful that we can provide services to these children and help to make them whole again. We really do make a difference in their lives.  It is so rewarding to see them grow and to hear about how great a former child is doing back in the community.”

Anne Ober holds Cindy in the highest regard saying, “Cindy is dedicated, caring, compassionate, and a highly competent nurse. Her clinical and managerial skills are exemplary. I believe the children, families, and staff within the Child and Family Services Division are blessed to have Cindy work with, and for, them.”

Recently Cindy’s department began working with the Head Starts to create care plans for the children and teach the direct care staff how to use medications for conditions like asthma and seizures.  Cindy says it’s  exciting to be able to extend their services beyond St. Vincent’s Villa.

According to Ezra Buchdahl, acting administrator for St. Vincent’s Villa, “Cindy is one of the true unsung heroes.  She has been with the organization for a long time and has provided tremendous strength, stability, continuity, and competence to the Health Services Department and organization.  She goes about her work day in and day out with a strength, focus and determination that is admired by many.  She cares deeply for the children, families, and staff and works extremely hard to make sure we provide high-quality care and treatment.  We are very fortunate to have her here.”

When Cindy isn’t juggling the many facets of her job at St. Vincent’s Villa, she enjoys being home with her three teenage children. Recently she and her 15-year-old daughter volunteered to serve lunch at My Sister’s Place Women’s Center, an experience she describes as eye-opening and something she would like to do again.

“It’s important to remember that Catholic Charities helps so many people in all our different programs.”