Mrs. Drinks has always been a woman of deep faith. She believes that Jesus taught us to love our neighbors and to use well the gifts and blessings that He has given us. A few years ago, she discovered that charitable gift annuities are a wonderful way to give and to receive at the same time. Gift annuities have become one of her ways of thanking God for His blessings by helping Catholic Charities, as well as the other Catholic organizations she supports, to care for those who are poor, hungry, and less fortunate. They have made it possible for her to make far more substantial gifts than she could have otherwise while they have also enhanced her current income.

Mrs. Drinks likes her annuities “because they offer guaranteed lifetime payments that are currently higher than any CDs, savings accounts, or money market products. Besides that,” she says, “they help me to improve my current financial circumstances. In exchange for my irrevocable gift, I’m being provided with fixed payments for the rest of my life.” She also enjoys their tax benefits, “A significant portion of my contribution is tax deductible; a portion of my payments are tax-free during my life expectancy, and my contribution is removed from or reduces my taxable estate.”

“It’s gratifying to know that my gift provides tremendous benefits to the neediest of God’s people. I know that I can place my trust in the nonprofit charitable organizations with whom I’ve created annuities. I started gifting annuities in 1993 and ever since I have had peace of mind knowing that my rate never changes, even if the economy does.”

Planned Giving