Rose, a young woman from Africa, fled persecution in her home country and came to the U.S. seeking asylum. At the Esperanza Center, she initially found assistance with her asylum application. While working with Rose the Center’s immigration attorney discovered she was also suffering from medical issues and immediately referred her to the Center’s Health Services. Rose received treatment at the Center and was referred to the St. Agnes Well Woman Clinic for additional care. The Clinic then referred her to counseling to help her heal from the trauma she experienced in Africa. A few months later Rose returned to the Center suffering from an infected tooth and was treated on-site by a volunteer dentist and his staff.

Through this process, both Rose and the professional staff that provided services were transformed by compassion. The staff was deeply moved by the dignity and suffering of this young woman, who sought to forgive those who had injured her and her family in Africa. And, Rose was moved to tears by the care and compassion she received from strangers. “These people do not know me, yet they are so kind. I do not understand this kindness.” Rose recently came to the Esperanza Center with a thank you note expressing gratitude for the blessings and care she received. All who those who assisted Rose have expressed a mutual sense of gratitude and blessing for having met her.

Esperanza Center