Ms. Diane setting tables and preparing the dining room at MSPWC for lunch service

Ms. Diane Asta, a 56-year-old widow found herself at My Sister’s Place Women Center not long after being evicted from her apartment. Ms. Asta had become homeless after her husband passed away from medical complications. Joey, as she refers to him, was the primary breadwinner and had been responsible for managing their day-to-day finances. With her husband no longer there to provide for them, Ms. Asta soon found that she was unable to afford her apartment and was eventually evicted. Ms. Asta was left to fend for herself alone and on the streets. She then found her way to Baltimore City’s Code Blue shelter, where she was referred to My Sister’s Place Women Center for help.

Since coming to MSPWC, Ms. Asta has worked hard and persevered through many challenges to begin putting her life back together. Working closely with her case manager and through her own diligence, Ms. Asta is proud to say she is getting ready to move into her own one-bedroom apartment.

Ms. Asta’s commitment extends past working to improve her own life, as she regularly gives back at MSPWC by volunteering. Each morning she is there preparing the dining room for lunch by sweeping, mopping, doing dishes and setting the tables. When asked why she volunteers, she replied, “MSPWC gave me the support I needed when things were rough, I’m just giving back.” Volunteer coordinator Jackie Reid says that “Ms. Asta is an incredibly dedicated volunteer. She is here each morning running around like crazy to get everything ready for the lunch service. We are so proud of her.”

MSPWC is able to help women like Ms. Asta rebuild their lives through the generosity of people like you.


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