I was asked to share my story with you. My hope is that it will encourage someone, anyone to never give up, especially in your darkest of hours. That is what My Sister’s Place Women’s Center did for me.

I am a 37-year old mother of 5, ages 2 to 20-years old. Once I worked for one of the top financial institutions in the world, but at the end of my last pregnancy I was forced to leave my husband for the safety of my children. The pregnancy was quite difficult; I was ill and suffered from gestational diabetes. My doctor thought it best to take my daughter a month early. When I left the hospital I went to our old home, packed everything I could fit in my car and left with my children.

We went to a shelter for three months and then had to leave. I packed up my car to come to Baltimore to be close to family. On the way, I was in a car accident and physically hurt. With no car, little funds I tried hard to stay positive.   I started out staying with my mom and then in abandoned houses.

One day, at my breaking point, I made some calls for help. I could no longer supply my kids basic needs of pampers, wipes, soap; it brought me to my knees. I was referred to My Sister Place Women’s Center. There are no words to tell you how I felt meeting Mrs. Charlene, a case manager at MSPWC, for the first time. She was so very reassuring I remember she hugged me, and I have no idea what she said because I was crying so hard but I know I left feeling like I was not alone. I now had help.

I remember coming to My Sisters Place and letting them know all that was going on with me and my family and they just encouraged me so much. There my children and I had a place to go during the day and warm meals. I felt like they were always there for us and were working on my behalf even when I wanted to scream out loud.

Ms. Janel, another case manager at MSPWC, contacted a new housing program through People Encouraging People and worked with them to find a home for us. The people at My Sisters Place had made it easier to push forward because I never felt alone. In 30 days we were in a home. They helped us with basic household items for our home. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas, My Sister’s Place generously donated a food basket and gifts to our family.  It was the first year we could really celebrate the Holidays as a family.

Thanks to My Sister’s Place, I now have a home and all my kids are with me.

My Sister’s Place Women’s Center