Ed. note: One of the reasons Catholic Charities is a great place to work is because we have a mission to love, serve and teach… and provide care and services to improve the lives of Marylanders in need. We couldn’t fulfill that mission without our donors and volunteers. Sometimes our clients have a moment to reflect upon the work of our volunteers, too. Here’s a great thank you letter we received from a client about one of our regular volunteers.

I have been blessed from the services of the Daily Bread. The breakfast is what I really have been blessed with. I am so amazed at how the people who volunteer to serve at this breakfast serve without a warped attitude nor as if it is something that they don’t want to do but they are doing it anyway. No, what I have observed and experience is that these people are really doing it “as to the Lord.” In the homeless circles where we are given meals, it is very hard to find genuineness like this. Also, the atmosphere is very peaceful and personally, I like sitting there to just clear my mind at that table and see need met before we go out to start our day.

There is this one man, I think his name is Gino and this guy is the Host of the morning breakfast. He is doing everything and he has a great attitude. He always smiling, conversing with us and if he is getting coffee and someone asks for sugar and ask him for a bag, he is very efficient in either serving it to them or he would find another volunteer to serve that need for that table. He is a huge part is setting the atmosphere that makes us comfortable. This guy should be the host as some 5-star restaurant and be doing something on another level. I thank God for him, he encourages me.

I just would like to thank all the people who make it possible for us to have that breakfast every morning. I not even talking about the employment services and programs offered at the Our Daily Bread. It is in the prayer of Jesus where He instructs us to ask Him for Our Daily Bread. Lo’ and behold, this prayer has manifested itself in form at 725 Fallsway in Baltimore, Maryland and I have written this letter to say, that it is blessing the poor because it is and has blessed me and everyone that comes through those door day in and day out. This is where God is working, this is where God has placed you, this is where God provides and this is Our Daily Bread. Amen. Thank you, Jesus, for this place.

I send thanks to all the volunteers and those who make this happen every day, may God continue to bless this place with resources and volunteers like Gino.

Our Daily Bread Hot Meal Program