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Therapeutic Weekend Respite Program

Respite is a program designed to prevent out of home placements or hospitalization by offering caregivers planned and structured breaks. Respite providers care for youth with challenging mental health needs and provide youth critical life skill enhancement. Respite specialists work closely with all service providers on a monthly basis to ensure all are working toward the same goal.

  • We value each individual’s personage, culture, religion, race and community.
  • We empower individuals and families to find their inner strengths to make positive life-long decisions.
  • We partner with youth, families, staff members, agencies and community programs to share resources and build on joint strengths.
  • We continually work to improve our efforts as we evaluate and enhance our services for the evolving needs of the individual, family, staff members and community.

Getting A Break

Our respite programs strive to enhance the youth’s strengths and life skills. Respite provides support for both caregivers and youth proactively, reducing the chance of disruption from their home. Family Services provide overnight and community respite services. Our overnight respite service provides caregivers a planned, temporary break from the demands of direct care for foster care youth with mental health needs. Respite specialists provide youth individualized engagement in a planned community activity to enhance youth’s social and problem-solving skills. Our community respite service, Family-to-Family, provides a weekend break for caregivers. Respite specialists provide overnight care for youth ages 12 to 21 from Friday to Sunday at least twice a month. Youth are carefully matched one-on-one with a caring and skilled mental health professional or respite family.

Respite Specialists:

  • Create healing through a family environment
  • Communicate effectively with team members (i.e. birth family, treatment parent, social workers )
  • Participate in youth’s transportation when necessary
  • Provide therapeutic support
  • Teach life skills by engaging in community activities (i.e. games, movies, museums, park)

Respite specialists provide support to families and youth served by mental health therapeutic service providers. All youth in respite require active involvement in counseling services, minimally twice a month. Our respite specialists provide temporary care to families in Baltimore City, Baltimore, Harford and Cecil Counties.

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