Information About St. Edward’s Workforce Development Center Services

In October 2015, Catholic Charities created a new General Services/Automotive Technician program to Baltimore City residents. This program was ignited as a result of the unrest in the city of Baltimore. The goal of the program is to inspire hope and increase self-sufficiency for people in need, as well as bridge the gap in rising unemployment throughout the city. Housed adjacent to St. Edward’s Church in Baltimore, we provide program participants with job readiness skills, wrap-around services and address barriers that result in job placement assistance.

St. Edward’s Workforce Development Center Services offers several job training and placement programs.

Classes are offered at 2848 West Lafayette Avenue (3rd floor), next door to St. Edward Church on Poplar Grove Street. Shuttle service is available for class participants to the occupational training site.


Programs and Services

The St. Edward’s Workforce Development Center offers FREE 12-week programs offered by Catholic Charities in partnership with Vehicles for Change (VFC). The program offers occupational skills training for individuals interested in a career in the automotive industry. Program participants will receive Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification upon successful completion of the program, along with job placement assistance as an automotive technician or a general services technician. Class size is limited to 12 students.

The automotive training includes:

  • Hands-on occupational training
  • Job readiness workshops
  • Mock interviews
  • Assistance in addressing barriers to employment
  • Job placement assistance
  • Transportation assistance
  • Driving school classes for those without a driver’s license at no cost

The St. Edward’s Workforce Development Center provides FREE two-week job readiness programs for adults seeking assistance in finding employment in any sector. The last two weeks of every month, classes are held and are designed to give students the social and educational tools and life experiences to obtain, maintain and advance their careers in today’s competitive job market. Students begin by working with an instructor to assess their work history and skills to determine an appropriate career path. Through resume writing instruction and mock interviews, they learn critical communication skills and gain confidence. Business attire is required and is provided for clients who do not have suitable interview clothing. Armed with a certificate of completion, new resume, cover letter and interview skills, the graduates are assisted in job placement and retention.

In addition, St. Edward’s Workforce Development Center offers many other essential services and referrals:

  • Adult Basic Education and GED preparation
  • Case management
  • Computer literacy and financial wellness programs
  • Legal advocacy and expungement assistance
  • Child support enforcement and mediation
  • Substance abuse referrals
  • Assistance connecting with benefits such as Head Start
  • Access to food pantry at St. Edward’s Church