Esperanza Center Family Reunification Services

ATTENTION: The Esperanza Center on S. Broadway is temporarily closed due to a fire in a nearby building. We are providing services at St. Patrick’s Assisi House at 1728 Bank St. Please call 667-600-2900 for additional information.

ATENCIÓN: El Centro Esperanza en S. Broadway está temporalmente cerrado debido a un incendio en un edificio cercano. Estamos brindando servicios en St. Patrick’s Assisi House en 1728 Bank St. Llame al 667-600-2900 para obtener información adicional.

The Esperanza Center Family Reunification Program helps to reunite recently arrived unaccompanied youth with their family members and sponsors. Services include: fingerprinting and assistance with the family reunification packet; home studies to determine safety and security in the home environment; and, post-release services to ensure the well-being of minors, and assist the families with the often challenging process of getting reacquainted and living with family members from whom they been separated for some time. Over the past year, in partnership with and funding from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), Esperanza family reunification staff have helped 932 unaccompanied children reunite with their family member/sponsors and provided them with valuable support services and referrals for much-needed immigration legal services, health care, mental health services, and enrollment in school, among others.

Since the start of the Family Reunification Program at Esperanza in the summer of 2013, the Esperanza Center has helped reunite over 2,700 unaccompanied children with their sponsor families.

Family Reunification Services:

Our Family Reunification Services are made possible with funding from the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS). Click here to learn more about the work that LIRS does.

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